How does it work? 

We have a large number of Apple Music playlist curators as partners. Once your track is received and reviewed, we will have it placed on the appropriate playlist on Apple Music based on the genre.


Will my track get engagement? 

Yes, you'll get real organic plays on your tracks. Of course, we can't control the amount of engagement because we don't have the power to do so, but we will try our best to provide the best traffic to your song. 


When will my campaign start after ordering? 

It takes some time (up to a day) to set up the campaigns, and for our partners to receive the track and schedule a placement. We will send you an update email once your track has been playlisted.


How long will the playlist placement last? 

Your track will stay on the playlist for 1 week. This ensures that the playlists stay fresh and updated with new tracks for listeners. After the 1 week placement is done, you can order a new package to be placed again.


Will I get proof of placements?

Yes! You will get proof screenshots and links of all the playlists your track has been placed on.


Can I run a bigger campaign or customized playlist campaign?

Yes you can. For bigger campaigns, contact us at streamplugnetwork@gmail.com